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retreat ready

craft Your irresistible retreat Sales Pitch And Sell Like Hell

An 8- week interactive sales and marketing workshop tailored for you, the retreat organizers. You'll get clarity to set-up your sales and marketing in the right order, training to sell, serve and perfect your sales pitch plus a tight knit community to get and give forward feedback to maximize growth and results.

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Is this you

Shift Gears from Non-Stop Hustle to
Strategic selling with Retreat Ready

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Retreat Ready is for wayshow'rs like you who understand that the era of non-stop hustle is fading, and it's time to embrace balance and sanity. You're geared up to elevate your business, impact more lives, rake in more cash, and have the freedom to work on your own terms, wherever and whenever you desire.

If you are. . .

A visionary leader with a well-structured retreat plan seeking guidance on how to effectively promote and sell it to a broader audience.

A wellness provider committed to offering your services at their true worth without settling or resorting to undervalued pricing strategies.

Eager to combine doing good with financial success, recognizing that a scalable retreat is your golden ticket to helping more people, gaining time freedom, and boosting your visibility.

Ready to fine-tune your marketing and sales skills for your retreats and other offerings.

clarity, training and results

By The End Of The Workshop You Will Have. . .

Nailed down your unique value

that way your customers instantly get why your product or service is a game-changer and how it'll supercharge their lives.

Mapped out a marketing masterplan

covering your launch offer, pre-launch promotion, and strategies to make sure you're seen and heard because the world needs what you're offering, and now they'll know it.

Created a compelling sales pitch

and presentation supported by solid proof, assuring your prospects that you deliver unmatched value, making you the clear choice over your competitors.

Mastered the art of webinars

with a thoughtfully designed free masterclass and email campaigns that keep your prospects engaged before, during, and after the event. Watch your sales skyrocket.

Airtight email sequences

to springboard your sales and nurture client relationships with follow-up sequences. Generate new leads, drive traffic, or welcome new clients on board.

Confidence and freedom

to take the lead with our enhancement strategies that will craft a retreat so mind-blowing your guests won't stop raving about it to everyone they know.

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How it works

The Program that elevates your retreat revenue

We're dropping new prompts every week in the exclusive Retreat Ready member area. You'll get:

The six core pillars of Retreat Ready Sales and Marketing Training

Done-for-you swipe files, spreadsheets, resources, and templates ready for action

Access to quality feedback from our mentors and fellow go-getters.

Bonus Goodies. . .

Weekly live group coaching with Gigi to give you unstoppable confidence.

Bonus masterclass and advanced tools

Tech support office hours so you crush tech stress with lighting speed solutions.

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Proof in progress

Retreat Ready Works. Here's proof.

Hiba Khatkhat

Gabrielle and Nicole empowered us to create a top-notch brand and website. They were knowledgeable and strategic, explaining everything.

Hiba Khatkhat

Gabrielle is really good at making things clear and telling me what I need to know. Her advice has helped me a lot in business.

Courtney Koester

Gabrielle is an exceptional problem solver who understands complicated situations and communicates solutions effortlessly. She empowers her clients to be more confident and honest with themselves, both personally and professionally. Highly recommended!

Courtney Koester

A Note from Gabrielle

Black woman sitting on a white chair in a wellness centre smiling directly at us

The wellness tourism industry is blowing up. We're talking a HUGE 20.9% spike by 2025, and that's straight from the Global Wellness Institute. If ever there was a sign to craft your dream retreat, this is it.

Covid, it changed the game. Everything we thought we knew got turned on its head. But here's the golden nugget: it's made retreats THE thing. The reset button everyone's looking for.

Whether you're new to this, questioning your capabilities, or dreading the marketing and sales grind, know this - you're not alone. We're here to elevate your sales game and supercharge your retreat readiness.

I promise to walk beside you, guiding you every step of the way, transforming you into a marketing maven. Imagine a virtual event where you don't just learn the material. You live it with our weekly coaching sessions and a community that radiates support. You'll be unstoppable.

Best part. You won't even need to step outside. Fire up your device, grab a coffee (or whatever fuels you), and let's do this. Thanks to the wonders of the virtual world, we're all connected.

With open arms and a whole lotta love, welcome to the Retreat Ready family.

Let's create some magic together.


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