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Amplify Your Wellness Brand: Drive Sales with Unshakable Clarity, Confidence, & Impact

We create online workshops in sales and marketing
for women building wellness businesses.

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Hello there!

Or (Gigi), the founder of Upwellery. My hunch is that you're on a mission to trim down that one-to-one grind, scale up your wellness biz, and skyrocket your profits without sacrificing your peace.  You've probably been tirelessly scrolling into the void of the net hunting for answers, or you happened to come across one of my articles, talks, or interviews. Whatever path you took, I'm glad you're here!  

This site is your powerhouse of resources and game-changing ideas that will give you the confidence to sell, stand out, and win. We're firm believers that you can't do wellness alone, just like you can't do business alone. Let's come together and create something extraordinary. Let's roll!

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Retreat Ready

Our workshops are designed for action-takers like you. When it comes to learning, workshops beat self-directed courses any day. It's not just about gathering information; it's about taking action. That's why we're passionate about our workshops, and here's why you should be too.

Step one is showing up every single day, committed to making an impact. It's not for everyone, but for those who dare to grow, it's a game-changer. Step two. It's the secret sauce - a tight-knit community that champions your journey in health and wellness. It's a sanctuary where you can sharpen your skills and give and get forward feedback. Join us in this journey of tangible growth and transformation. Don't just learn, do.

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Free Guide

Monetize Your Expertise: Go from 1-on-1 to a Scalable Digital Course!

Picture this: A world where your expertise impacts not just one but hundreds, even thousands, of eager learners worldwide. Dive into our foundational guide, unveiling the five critical steps to laser-focus on what truly counts when launching your digital course. Grab your guide now and step into the role of the influential thought leader you're destined to become.

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Set Up Your Marketing In Days, Not Weeks

In today's health and wellness space, having a top-notch website and marketing tech isn't a luxury - it's a necessity. It's your megaphone to shout out loud to your prospects about your game-changing offerings, why you're absolutely one-of-a-kind, and exactly how you can transform their lives. Our website, email marketing, and e-commerce templates. They're not just templates. They're the fuel that drives the engine of your sales and marketing. Don't sleep on this, folks!

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Wellness Gift Guide

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From Struggle to Success:
Our Clients' Remarkable Journeys👇

Jen Aliz Lokaijckova

Gabrielle has a gift for clarity. She can quickly identify crucial changes and communicate them with precision. Her advice has helped me make big leaps in business.

Jen Aliz Lokaijckova
Hiba Khatkhat

Gabrielle and Nicole empowered us to create a top-notch brand and website. They were knowledgeable and strategic, explaining everything.

Hiba Khatkhat

Gabrielle is really good at making things clear and telling me what I need to know. Her advice has helped me a lot in business.

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