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Upwellery started on a truth seeking journey

What's Good?

I'm Gabrielle, founder, practitioner, wellness entrepreneur.
I'm dedicated to helping women learn the sales and marketing skills they need to be impactful leaders and make meaningful change.

Every great idea starts with a problem, and here's the heart of it: Too many amazing women in the health and wellness space have bought into this idea that going all in on sales and marketing is somehow too aggressive or, even worse, shady. They've been trapped in this mindset that's made them question their own brilliance and worth. The result? They hold back.

But here's the game-changer: Through our next-level sales and marketing workshops, we're giving you the winning playbook for selling with unshakable confidence. We're here to empower action-oriented women like you to sell without the slightest hint of sleaze, expand your reach, and make an impact that's off the charts.

In fact, here are a few ways we can make it happen.

Want to scale your wellness business but don’t have an MBA, a fat bank account, or a clue where to start? I'm giving you the no-nonsense roadmap to set up revenue streams that scale.

Got retreats, courses, programs, or your own amazing products, but can't seem to grab people's attention? Let's cut through the noise, find your voice, and start getting the results you deserve.

Are you craving more freedom, flexibility, and joy in your life. But right now, you're stuck in the quicksand of tech stress, toxic overwork, and that never-ending overwhelm. I've got the roadmap to navigate that tech jungle, and I'll show you the path to launching your website, email marketing or e-commerce in days not weeks.

People Always Ask How I Kicked Off My Journey in Sales and Marketing

black woman standing with hands in pocket outside

Back in the day, I was a functional medicine practitioner, but life dealt me a harsh blow when I lost my mom. It was a complete implosion – job, home, marriage, you name it. I went through hell and back, but I came out of the fire stronger than ever.

You know what they say:
tough times don't last;
tough people do.

That's when I decided to flip the script and take a massive leap by launching my own venture - Upwellery.

My mission? To help women in wellness supercharge their sales skills and sell like their lives depend on it. I do it because I firmly believe we owe it to women to arm them with the sales and marketing know-how they need to grow, move forward, and fulfill their dreams (so many of us never get that opportunity, like my mom). Success is an active process. It just doesn't come to you. Here's how we get there.


Peace of mind knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you're executing the right moves in the perfect sequence, exactly when they need to happen.


 Supercharging your ability to communicate your unique value. When you can sell and serve from your heart, you'll not only stay profitable but also stay true to your purpose, no matter what the economic climate throws at you. 


 A hustle-free learning environment where you receive timely, forward feedback to fuel your growth and amplify your results.

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Founding Story

I'm often asked - How did I get started in all of this?

I started in healthcare on the front lines of a hospital. I then went on to work as a behavioral case manager before providing therapy as a clinician and healthcare consultant with a national mental health agency. While doing that for 14 years, I pursued an education in alternative medicine and started a private practice as a Homeopath and Holistic Nutritionist. I ventured deeper into entrepreneurship and began international consulting for wellness practitioners and health centers. In 2012, I founded my first start-up triple bottom line company and passion project - I Am Raw, a whole food heaven mobile food service. I profitably exited in 5 years. Then, with a laptop and a dream, I'm proud to have created a conscious digital destination that helps wellness practitioners build a business that supports living your best life—and living it well.

our learning philosophy

How is Upwellery Different?

You might have already picked up on the fact that we're not your run-of-the-mill sales and marketing training programs. We're all about selling with empathy, leaving sleaze at the door, and creating a supportive, hustle-free space where you can dive into action.





  • Practice the fun way. Learn by doing. That's where the magic happens.
  • Knowledge that you can apply right now. Laser-focused on the skills, tools, habits, and mindset to propel you forward.
  • Missing the hands-on practice that truly deepens your skills.
  • It's easy to get sidetracked, feel overwhelmed, or let procrastination take over in these environments.
  • They focus solely on tactics, leaving you in the dark about the 'why,' 'how,' and 'when,' the stuff that really matters.



  • No fluff, no filler, just straight to the point. We're all about results.
  • We thrive on connection. We created a safe environment where you are seen, heard, and valued and where you can do the same for others. Your precious time is spent creating, critiquing, and growing.
  • One-size-fits-all approach, so that personalized feedback you deserve might be MIA.
  • Isolating, you'll need to navigate everything on your own, or heaven forbid, take yet another course to make sense of this one.



  • Our team? Passionate practitioners and wellness entrepreneurs who understand the ins and outs, including those tricky regulations.
  • Training tailored-made for the health and wellness industry. We stay locked into the latest trends and opportunities, so you're always ahead of the curve.
  • They've got no skin in the game. No real-world experience, and no understanding of products, services, or regulations.
  • Their focus leans towards tech, finance, and retail, so the training might not align perfectly with your unique needs.
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the team

Meet the creators.

Gabrielle Thomas (she/her/hers)

head of brand vibes & selling strategist

Gabrielle is a seasoned health and wellness expert with over two decades of experience in functional medicine, social work, homeopathic medicine, and holistic nutrition. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her marketing consultancy, mobile whole-food venture, and Upwellery her sales and marketing training company.

Gabrielle's innovative work has been recognized by major publications such as Forbes, Marie Forleo, Thrive, Create and Cultivate, and Nasdaq.

She is passionate about teaching women sales and marketing skills to achieve their dreams. Gabrielle believes that sales and marketing is an active process. It just doesn't come to you, especially for women. She say's they've been conditioned for so long to stand on the sidelines both because they are not listened to and because women usually feel like their ideas aren't ready for the big stage.

Black woman at desk with laptop hand under chin

Nicole Sinclair (they/them/theirs)

tech titan and ux Designer

Nicole Sinclair is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in business, industrial design, and technology. She is an expert in user experience and digital marketing, making her a reliable ally for business owners navigating the complex worlds of design and technology.

Nicole's passion for making a tangible impact on society is unwavering. Her engineering acumen and wealth of expertise have helped her foster positive social change through innovative solutions. Nicole is a remarkable force in the contemporary business and technology landscape, and her journey is a testament to the transformative power of technical expertise combined with a desire to make a difference.


a chance to level up.

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Go pro work with an industry-experienced marketing partner to inspire sales with integrity, empathy & effectiveness.

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Get a fast and easy-to-use website that is optimized for conversions and serves your top business goals.

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Build your brand identity and communicate in ways that resonate and spread to your ideal clients and customers.

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what our partner's
say about us

will you be the next success story?

Hiba Khatkhat

Gabrielle and Nicole empowered us to create a top-notch brand and website. They were knowledgeable and strategic, explaining everything.

Hiba Khatkhat

Gabrielle is really good at making things clear and telling me what I need to know. Her advice has helped me a lot in business.

Courtney Koester

Gabrielle is an exceptional problem solver who understands complicated situations and communicates solutions effortlessly. She empowers her clients to be more confident and honest with themselves, both personally and professionally. Highly recommended!

Courtney Koester
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