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Founding Story.

I started this marketing boutique in 2017 as a product of my search for self-discovery. I was at a turning point in my life to keep going deeper into the darkness of intense grief and suffering or to face and forget some very difficult realities. I left everything familiar and comforting behind and set out on a truth-seeking journey. I decided to regard everything that happened to me on that journey as a clue, and I would trust the process and follow the breadcrumbs.

I found that you have to bring your whole self to the table if you want to make a difference, and all those years of not fitting in led me to the work I do today. So many entrepreneurs are full of bright ideas that will never make it to the market. Their talents are silenced because doing work that matters is scary, and being public about it is even more frightening. We're here to help you put a stake in the ground, go to the edges, and make something worth talking about because the world demands that of you - a leader. I'm glad you're here.

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Founding Story

I'm often asked - How did I get started in all of this?

I started in healthcare on the front lines of a hospital. I then went on to work as a behavioral case manager before providing therapy as a clinician and healthcare consultant with a national mental health agency. While doing that for 14 years, I pursued an education in alternative medicine and started a private practice as a Homeopath and Holistic Nutritionist. I ventured deeper into entrepreneurship and began international consulting for wellness practitioners and health centers. In 2012, I founded my first start-up triple bottom line company and passion project - I Am Raw, a whole food heaven mobile food service. I profitably exited in 5 years. Then, with a laptop and a dream, I'm proud to have created a conscious digital destination that helps wellness practitioners build a business that supports living your best life—and living it well.

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Gabrielle Thomas

director of marketing

Gabrielle's journey in the health and wellness industry began on the front lines of a hospital. Over the past twenty years, she led her private practice in Functional Medicine. She served as a Behavioral Case Manager, a Mental Health Therapist, Health and Wellness Consultant at a national mental health agency, and Chief Marketing Officer. She has a Social work, Homeopathic Medicine, and Holistic Nutrition degree.

She overcame the heartbreaking loss of her mother and decided it was time for a new venture. She started a mobile whole-food business that would disrupt fast food culture by offering healthy alternatives for the health-conscious consumer. Having seen first-hand how effective modern approaches to marketing are, she became passionate about helping health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brands reach more people in meaningful ways. Gabrielle combined her health, wellness, and business knowledge to launch Upwellery, a woman-owned and operated marketing and design studio.

You can find her profiled in many esteemed publications, notable podcasts, and media outlets such as Forbes, Marie Forleo, Thrive by Arianna Huffington, Create and Cultivate, and Nasdaq. Her mission is simple - to disrupt the average and push the boundaries to create something remarkable.

Gigi Thomas

Nicole Sinclair

Web and ux Designer

Nicole Sinclair is invested in using her knowledge of business, industrial design, and technology to design high converting psychology based websites and tech support solutions for entrepreneurs.

She is a self-taught web designer and expert in user experience with over 15 years of hands-on experience. She started her career as a freelance administrative assistant, then moved into website design and development and technical support. She has spent the last seven years in digital marketing and media.  

She thrives off the clarity that business owners experience when she alleviates the stress and anxiety of technical obstacles that are ever present in business development. Nicole applies her engineering mindset and technical knowledge to help leaders to develop clarity and confidence in their relationship with technology. She believes that the key is to develop strong mindfulness practices that help you to see patterns and focus only on what's necessary.

Nicole has a degree in business studies and has been a key contributor to social impact causes such as anti-racist initiatives and projects that help to close the pay gap for women, especially women of color. Her favorite saying is: "Creative work may surprise you with the time it takes. When something is designed well, it often feels simple and obvious. However, the process to get there requires focus and flow and emotional investment in each user's success."


What experts say about us.

Hiba khatkhat

Before working with Gabrielle, I didn’t have a foundation for marketing, a brand identity, a management system, a lead generation system, a sales system, and a refined clinical flow. My workflows were all manual, I undercharged for my services and was overwhelmed. Gabrielle challenged me in the best of ways, gave me clarity, and laid out a plan for all my systems. Now I’m unstuck, growing my business, and making a positive change in the world while getting paid my worth.

Hiba Khatkhat
Under The Oaks Wellness | Psychotherapist
Holly Knoll Smiling

I will be forever grateful for Gabrielle's deal-it-to-me-straight advice that gave me and my business the one-two punch it needed when I was stuck. Gabrielle is brilliant at helping her clients see clarity in their businesses and more importantly, she empowers you with a renewed sense of confidence to accomplish even the most daunting of challenges.

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Minneapolis, USA
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